Save Ealing Hospital Community Action Group calls for Public Meeting

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Save Ealing Hospital Community Action Group is non-party based. It endeavours to unite the community around the common program to save Ealing Hospital, Other public hospitals and keeping NHS Public. All community activists and representatives of supporting organisations are welcome to express opinions to advance these aims. All political representatives must continously fight for the community agenda, be accountable to the community and subject to recall if failing to uphold the agenda serving the community!

President's Blog - Indebtedness drives peasants to suicide

A handful of big industrial houses such as Kingfisher, Ruias, Vedanta and DLF, owe lakhs of crores to banks (See Figure). When they default on their repayments, they are offered a “restructuring” of their debt servicing. Sometimes, their debts are written off outright if they declare bankruptcy. According to a report in Business Today, of the Rs 63 lakh crore of advances by the banking system, nearly Rs 10 lakh crore are "stressed assets" that were given to these defaulters.

Condemn the killing of innocent people in Brussels

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Lok Raj Sangathan condemns the bomb blasts at the airport and the metro in Brussels, capital of Belgium, on March 22, 2016. The blasts resulted in the death of 34 persons and grievously injured around 300 or more people. LRS extends its deep sympathies to the families of all those who have suffered as a result of such a heinous crime.

These crimes are unjustifiable. They have as their target, the working people, who are not in any way responsible for the geopolitics, terrorism and counter terrorism between states and state sponsored groups.

8th March – Saath March!

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On 8th March, over a thousand strong marched from Rajiv Chowk in the capital to Jantar Mantar. Banners fluttered and the air was filled with many slogans; some of which were:

“We want Azadi – from exploitation, from Capitalism, from repression and oppression!”
“Women’s emancipation means dignity for men!”
“Attack on women is attack on society!”
“Repeal AFPSA, and other black laws such as UAPA!”

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