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brain-763982-11.jpgThis Introspect page is created for Lok Raj Sangathan members, for personal development and training purposes. Attachments provided are generic ideas for recommended work behaviors and professionalism in the development of colloboration.

The inormation provided are general views towards the improvement of work processes and behaviors through training materials and world class best practice techniques. These do not necessarily reflect the views of Lok Raj Sangathan.

Interesting Articles:
  1. Password security
  2. Team Communication
  3. Backup and Restore in Drupal
  4. Uploading videos to Youtube

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Topics we are agreed to cover are:
  1. Communication - S [80%]
  2. Teamwork - R [done]
  3. Planning - S
  4. Time Management - R
  5. Photos and Flickr
  6. Security and Encryption
  7. Business Analysis
  8. Project Managment
In the long term I think we should develop a good range of training material on a number of topics and present it monthly so we reach all levels of the organisation and engage a continuous improvement program.

Lets add more topics as needed.

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