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AttractingVisitors.jpgShare information at this central point, links, documents, comments, and discuss ideas anytime to advance web work. It includes 3 key features:

  1.   HTML page: where we can create a web page to suit our needs (our very own 'intranet page'). It can include web links to other important sites and pages etc. You can change the HTML page by clicking on "Edit" and changing the "Body" section settings. Always click "Save" at bottom when finished.
  2. File Attachments: you can easily upload files and attach them to the page to enable the team to easily share important files such as meeting minutes etc, by clicking on "Edit" and then clicking on the "File Attachments" section. Always click "Save" at bottom when finished.
  3. Discussion Board: The commenting section at the bottom allows you to easily post your comments, thoughts, ideas anytime! Instead of waiting for the weekly web meeting, you can now post up your thoughts at 'any time', have a discussion with colleagues to share and thrash out ideas during the week to make the wkly mtg more productive. Just enter your comments in the Post Comments box and click on Save at the bottom. E-mail out to colleagues to let them know that you wish to discuss.

Useful Links:

  • : LRS test site to experiment with modules and configurations.
  • Bluehost: secure login for Bluehost web hosting of LRS web site. (for LRS Administrators only!)
  • Google Analytics - Used to monitor LRS web site visitor statistics.
  • Flickr -  used to upload LRS photos on the internet.
  • YouTube - used to upload LRS videos on the internet.
  • Web Conferencing - tools to conduct online audio/video conferencing, sharing documents and computer desktops amongst a group of people at the same time.
  • Introspect - LRS page for individual skills training and personal development.
  • Report a bug! - page to report bugs and errors. Visible to public so report only non-confidential or non-security related bugs.
  • CGPI - web working group


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Express your Vision!
What is your vision for the Lok Raj Sangathan website in 2010? What should we set out to achieve, what is needed and where would we like to be?


Please feel free to discuss this with other cmds. This is not set in stone but merely documenting the ideas and discussion to date as a roadmap for web development given earlier objectives and benefits analysis discussions done.

Consistent Quality Content: Build a trusted network of contributors, subject matter experts. Build blogs but within an LRS guided framework. Quality peer reviews and smooth publication approval
process for accountability. Largely achieved.

Timely: Publish easily and "very very quickly" ahead of other voices, then let everyone know. We can be clearly heard in a void, but likely drown in seas of opinion (and disinformation). In war, timing is

Accessible Information; any user should be able to find the info they want, instantly and easily.

Multi-lingual: make it accessible in multiple indian languages.

Broadcast: let "everyone" know what we are saying. Make it dead simple and easy for them to hear and digest our message "FIRST" before disinformation swamps the field. Go out to tell them, let them know what we are saying and ask them to feedback. Target the broadcast 18 hours latest after the event. We have BulkMail and BulkSMS but are still slow in this. Not yet efficient. We have Civi tool, which can speed this up.

Comments: Develop Commenting process that encourages interactivity and active discussion. Encourages public to contribute, return and learn. Give them an opportunity to express a limited opinion. Polling, voting and rating of issues and content. A feedback loop.

Interconnect: Build mechanisms to help a user find and connect with other users that are interested in similar issues and in similar regions. Enable them to communicate and coordinate with each other, but facilitated through the LRS framework.

User generated content: enable submission of photos, video and articles by public to a news team for quick and immediate moderation and publishing. Link them to relevant political line given in relevant LRS articles.

Collaboration: build secure tools that enable users to coordinate and work with each other efficiently and remotely.  Like Google Wave for communications, secure instant chat, easy file sharing, events
management, mapping, ability to build organic groups, group task lists and schedules, phone and web conferencing, groupwide document creation and review for submission to LRS, shared screen presentation and workspace like Webex or DimDim.

3rd Party Integration: Single sign on using 1 account and password for facebook, twitter, youtube, orkut, with LRS web. Enabling richer features from Flickr, Youtube, Twitter and Google to integrate with LRS web as a golden source for rich political content without the user having to scour a multitude of sources. News feeds and related content brought swiftly to the user relative to the LRS content they are browsing, instead of users having to search the net. Delivering a
single point for their news service derived from multiple points, whilst ensuring LRS content remains primary at the fore.

Fighting Tools: a suite of online tools to make their activism easier, effective, to test the political system and learn from experience. LRS packs, fundraising tools, petition systems, media/ govt and trade union
contacts lists, links to printing services, letters of protest,  links to regional LRS contact points, security tools etc...

Training and Development: online bookstores and regional sources for suggested reading materials, training presentations, help guides, etc

Promotions and Advertising: actively promote LRS with a well planned marketing, advocacy, communications and social mobilisation strategy. This may involve giving out LRS bookmarks at protests, advertising in student or national papers, linking LRS from other sites and blogs
(penetration), etc.

Ref: Raj Singh - e-mail dated: 19 Nov 09.

<strong>Fighting Tools!</strong> Our LRS site aims to imbue the public and members with the much needed awareness, knowledge and consciousness of the issues affecting them in Indian society. To help them communicate and coordinate into actions which will change society, politics and the economy. Then I propose we also give them other <strong><em>weapons and tools to empower them</em></strong>. Lets make an "<strong>Activists Handbook</strong>", which gives them India centric information to address common activist issues. to enable them to test the current system easily, quickly, and work with others at LRS to take their struggles to the next step. We could cover: <ol><li><strong>Why we must fight!  </strong>-</li> <li><strong>Strategy (LRS) </strong>- Renewal of India</li> <li><strong>Fundraising </strong>- collections, member dues, payment methods, legal issues.</li> <li><strong>Petitions </strong>- How to get a campaign message to companies, parliament, ministers and the PM.</li> <li><strong>Demonstrations </strong>- How to take it to the streets without getting arrested. Knowing our rights and lessons learned from demos.</li> <li><strong>Boycotts </strong>- Hit corporates where it hurts, in their pockets.</li> <li><strong>Letters </strong>- Attempting to change 'hearts and minds' with pen and paper and what not to say if you want to stay out of Jail. The addresses... names and people that need be contacted.</li> <li><strong>Lobbying Parliament </strong>- oppose Companies having it their own way, how to get talking to the MP.</li> <li><strong>The Unions </strong>- The Return of Workers Power. The right way to strike.</li> <li><strong>Finding out for ourselves </strong>- How to get the truths that our opponents are determined to bury.</li> <li><strong>Making it public </strong>- Using the media, from local newspapers to YouTube and national TV. How not to be sued for Libel etc.</li> <li><strong>Going into Politics </strong>(LRS view) - Peoples power, standing for council, run for parliament, etc</li> <li><strong>Legal Action </strong>- If all else fails, what is the legal recourse?</li> <li><strong>Non-violence </strong>and disobedience - attempting Gandhian route...</li> <li><strong>Direct Action </strong>- Chaining yourself to railings at parliament, gates of a company, ...generally how to make a splash without getting arrested.</li> </ol> What are the team' thoughts? Raj

LRS PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)

Dear Cmds,

I have a new proposal... lets create a Powerpoint presentation which explains how LRS empowers the visitor to the site. Answering the value of LRS to the activist, journalist, student, youth, worker, etc... How is LRS a weapon in the hands of the people?

The reason I propose using Powerpoint (PPT), is because ost computers can easily run it, share it, can send it via e-mail, it is easy to understand, uses pictures etc... it can be easily changed and developed as we improve.

Then upload it as a key document on our LRS web and ask the public to share it. Spread the idea of the empowerment process. Attempt viral marketing.


Is this new proposal in ADDITION to, or IN PLACE of, the earlier powerpoint on which comments had been sent?  I guess they are different goals, i.e., (i) inducing someone to participate in, join, the movement and organisation LRS, at least first become familiar with its goals and program, and (ii) induce someone to register as a regular user of the LRS web site.  Both have their place.  Let us make sure that we work on one at a time, complete it and then move on to the next.

  • Article Approval process - Raj
  • Welcome Letter - Fatima
  • Welcome Video - Raghavan
  • Questionnaire Poll - Paresh
  • Womens Corner - Surkhi
  • LRS Backups - Raj

Popularize LRS
Increase LRS’s footfall

To understand people’s perception on “what republic has meant to the people after 60 years”

As many as possible, but 10,000 + sample will have a high buzz value and many media houses may be interested in presenting in their newspaper/TV.



  1. Create Ad link and Ad banner and paste them on our websites (LRS, CGPI and GJH), our regular users can come and participate in the survey (Response rate may not be more than  5-10% of visitors)
  1. Mass mailing the survey link to people we do normally
  1. Referrals – Those who have filled up the form can be requested to send that to their friends and also we can use the address book grabber. (This is licensed and will have to be done with the help of someone who has this license)
  1. Viral technology – Create an interesting viral and send the viral to as many people as we can and then the users can be directed to the survey page. We can generate at least 500-1000 responses.
  1. Comments on popular sites – We can deploy someone to add as many comments to the articles posted on the popular websites like yahoo, msn, rediff, timeofindia, etc and paste our links there.
  1. Identifying relevant community – We should try to figure put relevant communities on the social networking websites like orkut, facebook etc and then paste these ad links and ad banners.
  1. Buying respondents – We need check that reg cost etc…but this will be easiest thinkg to do. My hunch is, this may not be less than 40-50 Rs per completed response.
  1. Tie-up with websites looking for PR angle – We can tie up with websites having very high traffic like youmint, which has around 3.6 million regular users. This will be the fastest way, but they should be interested in powering this. We can offer them that they will get a great PR edge if they do this for free for us.

We can go for a combination of all these to get a quick response in 2 weeks time.


Specific questions:

  1. Our future will be bright by increasing   
    1. military expenditure  
    2. social investment
  1. Equitable education can be achieved by   
    1.  expanding private sector schools  
    2. improving public secto r schools
  1. The country's high growth rate has   
    1. benefited everyone    
    2. benefited only a few
  1. Who do we blame for the country's problems?
    1. Political parties   
    2. Government   
    3. Big business houses  
    4. Bureaucracy 
    5. You and I
  1. We believe democracy can be deepened by   
    1. restricting small parties  
    2. compulsory voting   
    3. forcing elected representaatives to be accountable to the people
  1. The economic crisis can be overcome by   
    1. giving more handouts to big business houses   
    2. increasing purchasing power of the common man
  1. The catalyst of change will be       
    1. Government    
    2. Big business houses     
    3. You and I

Survey tool: The survey tool can be built using the easiest and best technology….

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