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International Womens Day - 100 years!

Dear Sisters and Friends,

This year marks the centenary of the declaration of March 8 as International Women’s Day (IWD). Women have always been in the forefront of struggle throughout the world against exploitation on all social issues.

The women’s movement ha s come a long way, but it is threatened by subversion by the powers that be. The movement is being diverted towards accommodation within the system rather than struggle to genuinely empower women and men.

Long have the women been pacified by policy changes, by reservation, by laws. But the situation and exploitation of women remains. Women have been fighting for their rights against feudal/caste/communal oppression, exploitation, state organized violence, state terror (e.g. AFSPA), domestic violence, rape, incest, sex trade, social harassment and violence.


The struggle of women is the struggle for Lok Raj!

In the present dispensation, both men and women are exploited and therefore it is important that men and women come together and fight for their rights. The women’s movement is not something exclusive, it is the struggle of our mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, and friends.

This Power Page for women is a way of bringing to you stories, articles, events and much more on the issues faced by women and the women’s movement as a whole.


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Feel free to write to us with your stories to:

(Note: please ensure that you give your full name along with the area you come from. Please note that men can also give in stories. No stories that have derogatory terms or abuses will be entertained.)


Shout that slogan out loud!

LRS will be organizing and taking part in meetings, events and seminars on the occasion of women’s day. We would like you to be a part of it. Send in your slogan for women’s day to:

Ensure that you write your name as well. We will also send you invites to any events being organized by LRS on the occasion of women’s day. 

(Note: The best slogans will be featured on the women’s power page. If LRS decides to use your slogan you will be notified and your name will be mentioned.  Slogans must not be derogatory to women or men and must not have abusive language.)


100 Years - International Womens Day!

Share, Support, Shout Out!




  •  Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all!
  • E-mail us with your slogans or feel free to add them to the comments section below. Or open a discussion on womens topics below.




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A political arrangement and a process that marginalises majority of women and men from the matters concerning all... can a small tweak in it empower women? ...

it is not a question or issue that can be treated casually. It is a question of both political theory and practice... and there is ample empirical data on either side of the debate.... what is needed is to develop the theory of political empowerment that what take all of us forward, by empowering all those who are marginalised.

How can one large section of population feel empowered, while another large section gets marginalised? it is an important question where claims of all have to be addressed on a modern basis.

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In India, The Sabha has been interpreted by the historians as a representative assembly of the elect—the important men of the clan, which ran day-to-day business with the king.As to whether the Women Reservation Bill, which has passed through Indian Parliament is a good idea – well, obviously I can't comment on a society I don't live in and therefore, don't entirely understand. It would be wrong of me to project any of my values on anyone else.  The cause of women's rights is certainly a noble one, and deserves more than a few payday loans worth – but with that being said, it's essentially a quota system, very similar to Affirmative Action, which has many critics.

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If you’re wondering why “Happy International” is a top trend on Twitter today, it’s because today is International Women’s Day, an important day that celebrates the achievements of women everywhere. This year will be the 98th celebration of International Women’s Day. And although we celebrate the advances women have made today, we are also humbled by the reminder that there is still a lot of work to be done in the realm of gender equality.